Tophatters virtual squadron


We have made a skinpack of VFA-14 "Tophatters" for the DCS world. Real VFA-14 flies by F/A-18E but we have F/A-18C in the game. Therefore the skins were adapted for F/A-18C according to the real insignia. Exceptionally because of esthetic reasons, we have choosen early paintschemes of VFA-14 while it was deployed on USS Nimitz.
We have also prepared a skin of 2017 as bonus. This skin has the insignia of USS John C. Stennis where VFA-14 is deployed present days.

The skinpack includes 5 skins:
— standard paintscheme
— CO (commanding officers)
— high visibility
— high visibility BC (black canopy and another style of the nose numbers)
— bonus skin ‘2017

Below, you can see the appearance of the skins and download them separately if needed.

VFA-14 Standard


VFA-14 High Visibility

VFA-14 High Visibility BC

VFA-14 2017

In addition to the skins we have prepared, another "Tophatters" skinpack is available for F/A-18C in DCS: World. This pack was created by the player dino325 and includes the late coloring of the aircrafts of the squadron VFA-14.
You can download the pack by this link.

How to install

Installation process of skins in DCS: World is pretty easy and doesn't require special user's abilities or software (except an archiver).
It's needed to unpack the downloaded archive with skins into game's folder placed by path:

  • If you have the standalone game version:
    Folder with installed game/ CoreMods/ aircraft/ FA-18C/ Liveries/ FA-18C_hornet
  • If you have the Steam version:
    Folder with installed Steam/ steamapps/ common/ DCSWorld/ CoreMods/ aircraft/ FA-18C/ Liveries/ FA-18C_hornet